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Sinosteel cointegration: high stock prices of steel suppressed
Author:本站  From:网络  Click:1990 times  Update:2010-6-7

     For now have been weak state of steel market consolidation, sinosteel association deputy secretary-general said yesterday, part of the jingdong late last year because the actual consumption less than apparent consumption steel, steel, suppress accumulated stock price upward. For this year's steel demand is not optimistic, late jingdong.

    In the "Chinese prohibition on the BBS" by 2010, late last year, said the jingdong domestic steel production for 5.7 million tons, apparent consumption increase 1.03 billion. "But, on the downstream industry investigation last year, according to the actual consumption steel increased only 6300-7,200 tons, many have entered the inventory. Later, "said the jingdong, so now we have seen consumption demand, steel output growth, but also in the price."

    Late 2009 government, said the jingdong increased investment demand to pull steel construction steel is crucial, main benefit. "But, in our country, the real estate only a fraction of the housing construction, real estate does not represent the entire building steel consumption." Late that 2009 jingdong investment in fixed assets, transportation, energy, mechanical project held very large proportion, therefore, it is difficult to pull built after the second steel consumption.

     "Even the government subsidies XiaDaLi degrees of home appliance, 2009, light industry and household consumption year-on-year growth in steel only about 4%." Later this year, said the jingdong stimulate efforts as last year, and home appliances, the external dependency revival and the international market, therefore, the revival of the steel consumption is not optimistic.

     To work out the letters are organizing department work backward production progress, late in the meeting of the jingdong told reporters in May, according to the report, the amount of the target than before the council data more goals and tasks. Now the task to eliminate the individual refined decomposed into every city, followed by the local government for the implementation of work. Worst polluters (Shanghai),