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ChangWuHui under anti-terrorism deployment of illegal activities such as farm prices up
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    Standing committee of state council premier wen jiabao presided at deployment of local government strengthen corporate management and financing platform crackdown on hoarding up illegal activities such as farm prices

    Xinhuanet Beijing May 27 - wen jiabao, 26, standing committee of state council chaired, deployment of local government strengthen corporate management and financing platform hoarding crackdown on illegal activities such as farm prices.

     The meeting noted that, over the years, local governments and departments and agencies established for local companies, financing platform for economic and social development in raising funds, strengthen infrastructure construction and to deal with the international financial crisis impacts to play a positive role. But also appear overheated, operation is not standard, etc. To effectively guard against financial risks, and sustained economic development and social stability, we must strengthen the management of the company on the financing platform. One should promptly eliminate verification and properly handle the financing platform for the debts of the corporation. According to the classification of the principle of management, differentiate and properly handle the debt repayment and follow-up financing problems of construction projects. 2 to classification of local government has set clear specification of financing platform company, clear functions, regulating the operation. Strengthen the financing of financing platform company management and financial institutions in the banking industry, etc. The lending management, 4 should resolutely put a stop to local government illegal behavior. Guarantee commitment Meeting demand all regions and departments to strengthen leadership and supervise implementation scheme, formulating and earnest implementation. After the standard for cleaning in violation of the provisions of the law shall remain with serious processing.

     The meeting noted that agriculture in our country, has six harvest, soft-shelled turtles such important agricultural production of meat sugar growth, inventory, the overall balance of supply and demand. Last winter, frequent natural disasters, in part by certain influence to agricultural production. Nearly a period, a few illegal operators produce of concentration, use individual total seasonally strong, reduce, preservation, fabricated characteristics such as price information spread, hoarding, price-gouging, cause local market supply and demand, price abnormal fluctuations, unbalanced disturbs seriously damage the market order, the agricultural producers, consumers, and the lawful rights and interests of other operators. We must take immediate and effective measures to crackdown on illegal activities according to law and to maintain the normal order of agricultural production and circulation and prices. One must ensure the healthy and orderly operation agricultural market. Stable agricultural acreage, optimize and improve planting structure, pays special attention to the agricultural production and supply and marketing information, ensure cohesion, market price stability. To strengthen the agricultural product market operation and suspicious funding sources, flow, use the monitoring and warning, discovered illegal problems quickly investigation. Major agricultural prices fluctuate, abnormal lawfully take temporary intervention measures. 2 to crackdown on illegal activities such as farm hype. To strengthen the acquisition of agricultural products, circulation market price and the supervision, recent behavior conduct special inspection, and disturbing the order of the typical cases of market. Firstly standardize agricultural electronic trading market. The price of stock market transactions, no serious deviation spot transactions, relying on resources, small size, and the existing market speculative market price fixing, organizers, such behavior of embezzling deposit shall be resolutely. 4 should fully exert social supervision. Publicize the url channels, encourage the masses hype illegal activities such as farm prices. News media should be fully accurate reporting agricultural market conditions, strictly false reports and malicious. To implement the "five MiDaiZi" system and "basket" the mayor system, strengthen the leadership, safeguard the life.