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Why it needs to be filtered
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The purity of the hydraulic system means what?

      Cleanliness is used to describe the hydraulic system of solid and liquid contaminant level terms. No one doesn't work for hydraulic system of fluid substances will be defined for pollutants.

The pollutants?

In a typical hydraulic system has three main reasons:
    1:   in the installation process
    2:   the system operation process
    3:   system in work in the unclean liquid

Why cleanness so important?
    1:  Cleaning system guarantees the production equipment of the maximum efficiency.
    2:  Through the proper maintenance, and can improve the cleanness of monitoring    module
    3:  Through the regular testing can reduce equipment fault time.
    4:  Through to reduce system security hidden danger.
    5:  Increasing the working life of the components, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
    6:  By reducing the amount of time, in order to reduce
the maintenance cost.