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The problems and the development of Chinese power solutions
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    In the tenth-five period, China power grid rapid development. In 2006, China's total installed capacity has reached the wind, become the 260 million kw in Europe, the United States and India since the main market developing wind power. Wind power industry in China in 2007 BaoFaShi continued growth, the scale of the end of 2007 national accumulative total installed around 600 million kilowatts. August 2008,   China's total installed wind has reached 700 million kilowatts, China's total installed capacity of power in the world, the 1% fifth, this means that China has entered therenewable energy superpower.
     Since 2008, domestic wind construction upsurge reached the white-hot degree. 2009, China (excluding Taiwan), new 10129 wind generator capacity 13803.2 MW 124%, year-on-year, Total installed capacity 21581 wind generator, 25805.3 MW. 2009, Taiwan region, the wind generator and new capacity 77.9 MW, Total installed capacity, the wind generator 227 436.05 MW.
In the development of the wind
     In the new energy field, wind power is an important field. Especially, the green environmental protection, more make the characteristics of China and many wind resource-rich countries develop new energy key choice.
At present, China is still lack a wind power industry of complete circuit diagram, although there are long-term planning, but in fact the whole project horse is very fast speed, far more than plan. But although overall expands rapidly, but the problems solved quickly, if not will become great danger.
And the wind speed of development for Chinese enterprises, relatively fast experience a lot. Actually, the fields in which country, it is the sunrise industry, no country has fully mature experiences. Therefore, the industry must mutual cooperation, win-win, can promote the progress of the industry.
Wind power is not a steady supply of energy, predict the size is not realistic air. And the curve of wind is almost impossible to XiaoNa (for) curve imcapable,. How to effectively solve the stability of wind power supply?
China is always, wind power, hydropower and thermal power after the send. That horse power, wind power and thermal places to horse, with a kind of electricity or control of strong energy supply to adjust the stability of the wind. Traditional way of comparison, every wind all need to complete other energy supply, it brings a problem, the cost is high, no doubt, Also, it is also a kind of serious repetitive construction.
Now, the kingdom of windmills and strength of the kingdom of Denmark, power -- are a worthy of our consideration. The Danish itself XiaoNa ability is limited, oneself didn't of the construction of hydropower and thermal power project, but to take on other countries in the northern German hydropower and thermal power.

     This kind of transnational interaction mode is the revelation to China, after the manner of the energy supply problems is to blame entirely new energy power projects to the provinces and regions or just wait for stable power region of energy, it is a narrow protectionism.
     Therefore, the provinces with different advantages of energy, should be actively adopt the form, by sharing power plant, water resources are rich in the whole province for national scale above wind power project control problems, such ability reduce energy project repetitive construction.
And the way of cooperation should be more intelligent. Now, stronger efforts are being made to break the federal system, construction of interstate high-voltage grid construction, to make full use of different regional wind load power output characteristics and sharing. It is proposed to power grid, the overall demand solutions to still need to conduct research and led by the state.
Enterprise cooperation can win
      At present, it is difficult to access our power of one of the most important issues. The basic reason is that the wind unstable, and the difficulty of the regulation. Technological breakthrough, but it is the hard truth and how quickly catch, we still need to advanced level in the advanced experience of the western -- enterprise cooperation.
     Must clear is that we should pay attention to the cooperation between Chinese wind field of risk control, the number of joint venture. 2009, due to financial crisis, the impact of foreign enterprises have many by strong wind field, China faced the problem, the foreign retreat of vulnerability. In IBM for example, its energy and public department is committed to the r&d of new energy field and cooperation. Partners are not limited in enterprises, scientific research institution and the cooperation case is very much also, even with the national level of cooperation. For example, in the island's previous generation Malta, completely rely on imports of fossil fuel for the country, to ensure that the design of an can provide moderate price, safe environmental protection energy, IBM and Malta national power and water utility companies collaborate, help them establish world first nationwide network and complete set of intelligent power and water system integration of the country.
Internet is not difficult problem because of the state grid corporation, but its discourse monopoly and power generation enterprise has set up between the information exchange channel unobstructed enough. State grid companies, for both to all enterprises can feel embarrassed. Especially for wind power generation enterprise, due to its power, in order to guarantee the predictive power of the overall operation, currently on these enterprises is really difficult to invest more attention.
      But it is not lack of communication between the enterprise. If any one of the enterprises involved, wind power generation Internet difficult problem will never solve. In addition, wind power generation enterprise equipment, such communication and cooperation between enterprises is indispensable. But this is not confined to cooperate, for example, recently, domestic and international engineering group Sandwell Canada said, with our hopes of wind power enterprises in fujian province on  the project cooperation.
      Intelligent network technology application
Along with the global resource scarcity and environmental pressure gradually increasing, the power industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Many developed countries and the grid enterprises generally have a future of intelligent power grid target of development. Chinese companies have close attention in this trend.
    Currently, there are smart grid technology is mainly applied to distribution and utilization. Distribution areas of intelligence is to reduce artificial operation, the proportion of the field of application is very limited. Electric field is mainly aimed at home installation of intelligent equipment. The equipment investment is small, obvious effect, existing applications.
     But now, the focus of attention gradually transferred to the generation and transmission. This is one of the key parts of the new energy resources project how effective intervention for the grid.
     In Europe, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the grid is very strong through the large capacity with neighboring easierand tie multinational countries such as Denmark, safeguard the renewable energy projects effectively into the network. And the United States are trying to break the federal system, construction of interstate high-voltage grid construction, to make full use of different regional wind load power output characteristics and sharing.

      This is a very important aspect to ensure the stability of wind power. The advantages of the traditional energy district adjustment to basically have two kinds of schemes, one of these traditional energy base is to provide every wind power base, another kind of regulation scheme is in wind power under the premise of Internet, through the general regulation of power to ensure the total power of the stability of the grid, and the overall allocation.
      After a scheme for the whole grid stability and intelligent, apparently have higher value, but it is very difficult, especially if within short time of output value appear under the condition of the difficulty of large, flat. Therefore, still need to increase the storage device, which can ensure the normal supply effect. National scene demonstration projects of reservoir has been lost in hebei province ZhangBeiXian zhangjiakou, will officially put application, actively explore the wind generator power output stability and control is one of the main target of this project.