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Wind gearbox flushing oil
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Equipment: GLDC - FD - 001 GLDC - FD - 002

Flush media: Optimol Castrol Optigear A320 lubricant viscosity: 320 #

Gearbox: rinse ISO4406 cleanness, 99-14 / / 11

Pmax = 0.8 MPa pressure: (JinYou gearbox)

Injection flow: Qmax = 400L/Min (two gear box JinYou total amount)

Oil temperature: Tmax = 55-65 ° c

Heating mode: electrical heating

Tank capacity: 5000L

Piping material: carbon fuel and


Flushing oil features:

      Flushing oil for wind power gearbox flushing, refueling function. In the experiment, the gear box before cleanness oil must achieve ISO4406:99-11, 14 / / gearbox assembly reach the requirements, after only through DaYou cycle. To two gear box in the cleanness of oil shall be not less than washing ISO4406:99-11, 14 / / with the gearbox pump will withdraw the oil gas, forming a right circulation. When the gearbox after cleanness oil gas, to meet the requirements DaYou circulation patterns, 24 hours without stopping, the whole equipment adopts PLC control, no duty personnel, improve the gas station, oil clean and maintain the oil temperature.